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Friday, December - 4 - 2015 - 11:30 pm

Journal stock , the most credible economic newspaper in Egypt

Newspaper Website ” stock ” mail, news site comprehensive economic , issued by the Company Business News Press and Publication and distribution in parallel with the newspaper stock paper .

Web site constitutes Gazette with the new dual media feeding each other the content of the press materials and different forms of interaction , to provide an integrated service to the reader .

The site includes everything the reader needs of news and analyzes , reports, articles and photographic material .


That offer the most credible economic information about Egypt .

Our mission:

Conversion newspaper stock to a media organization to provide comprehensive content in all media image written and audio-visual and electronic editorial values ​​:

Neutrality : and that by staying at the same distance from all parties to the event.
Accuracy and honesty : investigating the accuracy of the information.
Balance: express all parties in the press coverage .
Objectivity: through the dimensions of opinion about the news, and the ratios of the sources of information are clear.