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Sunday, January - 24 - 2016 - 5:19 pm

Amwal Al Ghad media outlet is a leading resource for the latest industry developments in Egypt and the Middle East. The distinguished media outlet practices advocacy journalism in taking an editorial stance based on free trade and globalization. Amwal Al Ghad , for four years now, has been focusing on the Egyptian and the regional economy, informing its readers with in depth analysis of the Egyptian market, with a large-scope yet detailed coverage of the various sectors shaping the Egyptian Economy. Amwal Al Ghad media offers a distinctive content on every road taken by the independent thinkers, industry builders, and leaders driving economies across the region. As one of the top industry influencers, Amwal Al Ghad is registered on the top of media invitation list in key international events. Amwal Al Ghad Arabic-based monthly magazine is one of the key arms of the media outlet. The magazine targets highly educated readers and claims an audience containing many influential executives, policy and decision makers. In addition to its monthly publication, Amwal Al Ghad created two online bilingual portals to spread and fasten the spread of news ( Real time Arabic and English economic news portals were established in 2010 to keep our readers’ up to date around the clock. The two websites publish stock market prices and listed firms’ news. Also, a services section was created in the websites to display bank interests, mortgage, currencies, commodities, oil and insurance firms’ offers. A side from detailed media coverage of the political news stories, and Egypt’s foreign relations along with their overall impact on the economy. Recently, the magazine’s board launched the first weekly economic e-magazine that covers the economic incidents throughout the week as perceived by many economists and financial experts. Amwal Al Ghad has been awarded a number of prizes a long the years. However, this year was full of surprises. The monthly magazine earned three prizes in two months, marking Amwal Al Ghad 4th anniversary. The leading company in the field of Internet Connectivity over Wired, Wireless and Power lines in Middle East, SmartVision, named Amwal Al Ghad the best economic magazine in field of money markets. Throughout the last four years, the magazine participated in many economic conferences and conventions such as Cityscape, Cairo ICT, the conferences of the Union of Arab Banks in many Arab and European countries and MENA ICT in Jordan…etc.